15 Best Weather Apps & Widgets for Android to Get the Precise Climate Forecast

Knowing the weather conditions is a necessity for us to live our day to day life. Whether you want to plan an outdoor party, go on a road trip or simply decide what to wear on your way to work, it’s always important to know how the weather is going to behave. Gone are the days when you had to refer to newspapers or the local news channels for weather reports.

Best Weather Apps and Weather Widgets for Android

Nowadays, a simple application on your phone does the job for you, and with a lot of accuracies too. There are innumerable weather apps you can download which will give out the exact weather report at any time of the day. You can even engage the widgets of these apps to easily access the weather conditions the moment you open your screen. Let’s take a look at the top 15 Weather apps which will surely gain your interest.

1. 1Weather

1Weather is an app which is quite reliable and popular apart from being the highest rated one as it gives out the daily and hourly forecast, precipitation information, live animated radar, animated sunrises and sunsets and so on. The design of its widget is crisp and clean and it can give predictions up to a week in advance apart from offering Android Wear Support and weather tracking for almost 12 cities.

Download 1Weather

2. Accuweather

An app which looks good while doing a great job, Accuweather offers extended as well as hourly forecasts, live radar, top-trending weather videos, Android Wear Support and a useful weather widget which is quite serviceable. It even has a MinuteCast feature wherein it can give out the minute by minute forecast so that you know the exact minute before precipitation or rain.

Download Accuweather

3. Awesome Weather

Awesome Weather is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple and efficient app with a beautiful and detailed design. The app may not be very powerful but offers the current weather and forecast as well. You can simply move your finger across the screen to see how the weather is going to change over the day, which looks and feels quite great.

Download Awesome Weather

4. Dark Sky

Another feature-rich app, Dark Sky may not be very popular due to its subscription cost but has one of the better radars as compared to many other apps. It has ‘hyper-local’ forecasts meaning forecasts up to the minute so that you know exactly when it will start raining and offers weather widgets which are pretty useful as well.

Download Dark Sky

5. Weather Underground

This one has the most reliable weather report by linking the data from thousands of weather stations across the world. The app shows the weather stations with an animated radar as well and offers up to 10-day forecasts, severe weather alerts, National Weather Service radio etc. The app also gives warnings about UV risks, pollen, and local flu outbreaks.

Download Weather Underground

6. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is one of the most intuitive and visual apps which gives out beautiful images to match each weather condition it displays. It can track up to 20 cities, gives hourly, 5-day and 10-day forecasts and has live radar and weather alerts as well. There are useful widgets available, a humidity sensor, sunrise and sunset timings and so on.

Download Yahoo Weather

7. Weather Channel

An app which is quite popular in the game, Weather Channel has a well-designed interface and a separate tablet UI. Apart from the regular features of forecasts and current weather, it even shows pollen and lightning alerts, breathing index and breaking news. There are a variety of widgets as well which you can add to your home screen. Users are even allowed to report the current weather in their city.

Download Weather Channel

8. Weather Bug

Weather Bug may be a super old app, but it is one of the most solid and stable options. The user interface is kept relatively modernized and the app offers some unique features like a heat and UV index as well. The app features 18 different weather maps, shows a hurricane center and even has lightning alerts. There is also a traffic jam section which shows you the traffic conditions so you can avoid jams.

Download Weather Bug


An app which is packed with features for a piece of highly detailed weather information, NOAA gets its information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The app gives hourly weather conditions, forecasts, live radar and you can even track several cities at once. However, you have to keep checking for severe weather as there are no separate alerts for it.

Download NOAA

10. Google App

Google is not a conventional weather app but is great for a quick check of the weather. You can ask for the current weather or forecast and you will access a weather card with quite some information. You can even pin this to your home screen and is a great choice for a simple weather solution. The app may even already be pre-installed on your Android device.

Download Google App

11. Today Weather

A clean, functional and good looking app, Today Weather has plenty of features like forecasts, humidity, severe weather alerts, and various weather widgets. Moreover, the app makes available information like moon cycles, sunrise and sunset timings, air quality index and even the actual temperature versus the real feel.

Download Today Weather

12. What The Forecast?!!

What The Forecast is a fun and quirky app for people who like to do away with the mundane and regular apps around. It describes the weather in its funny quips and phrases from a library of over 6600 lines. The app has integration with AerisWeather, gives the real feel, current temperature and forecast as well. It is a simple app but unique in its own way.

Download What The Forecast?!!

13. Weather Wiz

A comparatively newer app in the game, Weather Wiz provides its weather information and data from the IBM weather company. The app has a fresh new look and offers a fun and interesting interface with all the regular features in their best form. It is a rather unique app which will give you a break from the old standby ones around.

Download Weather Wiz

14. Transparent Clock and Weather

Transparent Clock and Weather is a great app which is highly customizable and gives current weather along with 7-day or 15-day forecasts. You can customize the temperature to be shown in Celsius or Fahrenheit, sunset and sunrise timings and even the humidity. The app offers a 12-hour precipitation forecast, live radar, weather alerts and so on.

Download Transparent Clock and Weather

15. GO Weather

An app which is highly accurate, Go Weather collects its data from over 100,000 locations all over the world. The app has daily and hourly forecast, weather alerts, weather map and radar, precipitation forecast and even gives you an option to choose locations which you can set as favorites. The app has an elegant layout and has a great useful widget as well.

Download GO Weather


As we come to an end, we would like to say that all the apps in this list have earned their position here and each one is better than the previous. There are some apps which may be suitable for one person but not for another. You must choose the app based on your usage and requirements and we can assure you that whatever your need may be, there will be at least one app on this list which will catch your attention. So do check them out and you will definitely find some interesting new apps to download.

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