10 Best Background and Wallpaper Apps to Customize Your Android in the Best Way Possible!

Our phone’s wallpaper is one of the prime contributors to how aesthetic our device will look. You can easily download any image or wallpaper from Google and use it for your device’s background but it won’t be tailor-made to suit your needs. Every device has a different size, dimensions and hence needs a background that works just right for it. There may be a pretty image you use, but if it doesn’t let you see the apps on your screen, how useful is it? Thus, we have carefully selected the best apps which will help turn your phone into an aesthetic beauty.

Best Background and Wallpaper Apps for Android

Now you need not to search the web for great pictures, these apps will do that for you. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Android wallpaper apps for this purpose

1. Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD is without a doubt, one of the most popular wallpaper apps out there. It has a massive inventory of wallpapers which are sorted into categories according to new, popularity and rating. The database is updated daily, you can search for images and the app can even determine the correct wallpaper size for your device. You can choose portrait, landscape and 4K mode and even share wallpapers with others.

Download Backgrounds HD

2. Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei is a live wallpaper app which is completely free and open source and offers Android Wear Support. You can choose wallpapers from your gallery or use those from Muzei’s famous artwork gallery. The images are automatically rotated and the wallpaper can blur or dim itself into the background to ensure the icons remain clearly visible. Each artwork also has a little history with it and ensures your home screen is never boring.

Download Muzei Live Wallpaper

3. Walli

A perfect app which showcases the talent of new and upcoming artists, Walli collects work from independent artists who are even paid for their contributions. There are abstract works, fantasy themes, word backgrounds and the app has a simple layout with various categories that you can browse through. You can even sign up for the app and sync it across different devices.

Download Walli

4. Tapet

Tapet is a great choice for people who want a minimalist wallpaper, but something unique and different. Users choose the design and colour and the wallpaper is auto-generated based on your choice and your smartphone’s screen. The app can be configured to change wallpapers hourly or daily and it even offers Muzei support plus a function to download the creations. Also, your device’s resolution settings are used to determine the wallpaper’s quality.

Download Tapet

5. Resplash

Resplash is a wallpaper app perfect for photography buffs. With a simple and neat user interface, the app is quite easy to use and browse through. You can choose from a massive library of 100,000 plus wallpapers, each in HD quality and high resolution. There are customization features for different layout options and even a dark mode. With new wallpapers added everyday, the app gives a great overall experience.

Download Resplash

6. Wonderwall

An excellent design, easy to use interface and a 100% curated collection of landscape wallpapers is what makes Wonderwall so popular. The resolution of each wallpaper is great and ensures you don’t ever come across old and blurry images. The app auto-downloads wallpapers and updates them to your screen and the collection is updated daily with better, individually hand-picked photos.

Download Wonderwall

7. Backdrops

Backdrops is another good choice for wallpaper apps with a regularly updated collection, handcrafted by the team at Backdrops. The images you browse across can be downloaded and you can even mark them as favourite. The categories vary from abstract, food, photography, patterns and so on and a new and unique image is displayed daily under ‘Wall of the Day.’ You can even sign up for the app and sync your collection across devices.

Download Backdrops

8. Zedge

Zedge is not your conventional wallpaper app, but rather also offers ringtones, notification tones and alarm tones as well. This wide variety in their collection makes it a popular app to customize your phone in an overall manner. The app offers a search bar for wallpapers and some are even featured on the page itself. It makes available rare and obscure images and tones and all the wallpapers are well optimized to fit your screen.

Download Zedge

9. Wallpaperscraft 4K Background

The best choice to gain access to UHD as well as 4K backgrounds, Wallpaperscraft offers a massive collection of almost 80,000 wallpapers which are sorted into different categories. The wallpaper, once selected will be automatically fit to your screen resolution as the app takes your device size into account. Thus the app offers a good and positive experience which a great catalog of choices.

Download Wallpaperscraft

10. Cool Wallpapers HD

With a huge collection of 100,000 plus images and wallpapers daily, Cool Wallpapers HD is an app which has all its wallpapers sorted according to category and has new additions every day. The app has a simple design, is easy to navigate and browse through and even offers Android Wear support. You can add effects and personalize the wallpapers, share or save them to your device and even create a slideshow if you wish to.

Download Cool Wallpapers HD


We would like to conclude by saying that in today’s era of technology there is no end to the number of apps which provide you with free and interesting wallpapers. There is also a simple Google search which can do the job for you. But if you are looking for the best ones out there, you should surely check out these 10 and we assure you would not be disappointed. They will ensure that you find whatever suits your likes and needs and are provided with nothing less than the best.

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