10 Best Android Music Player Apps for the Audiophile in You!

Google Play Music or other default music players on our devices are pre-installed and perform all the basic functions of playing, shuffling or setting up playlists, but may not have advanced customization options. Very often it so happens that people are not satisfied with them and want something more than what they have to offer.

Best Music Player Apps for Android

In such a case, there are many third-party apps which can meet all your requirements and ensure you get the best music streaming experience on your phones. We have curated a list of the top 10 music player apps which you must install on your devices whether you’re a casual listener or a hardcore musicophile.

1. Phonograph

A visually enticing material design UI is the thing which makes Phonograph stand out among all other players. It has vibrant themes and the color on screen is ever changing to match the content of music playing. Moreover, it auto-downloads any missing and relevant information like album covers and art. You even have a tag editor, home screen widget, gapless playback, and many other useful features.

Download Phonograph

2. BlackPlayer

If you want an application that is high on features, BlackPlayer should be your go-to option. It is an app with a minimalistic and neat design but with features like 5 band equalizer, widgets, scrobbling, ID3 tag editor, bass boost and virtualizer and so on. It can be totally controlled by swipes and gestures and works on a tab structure which is customizable.

Download BlackPlayer

3. MediaMonkey

Another music app which is loaded with features, MediaMonkey is one whose search feature is very useful. It predicts your search results and you can browse on the basis of the song, album, genres, artists, podcasts etc. A major advantage of this app is the ‘Android Auto’ support wherein you can sync your music between your phone and computer over wifi. Even the seek bar of your song can be made visible in the notification panel.

Download MediaMonkey

4. Musicolet Music Player

Musicolet is a perfect option for anyone who just wants a user-friendly app to play music without a ton of extra features. It has an intuitive and lightweight GUI and supports multiple music playing ques, apart from the traditional features. It even lets you easily control the song playback by pressing the button on your earphones and is an app with a small APK size.

Download Musicolet Music Player

5. Poweramp

A music player with a sleek and slightly complicated interface, it may not be the first choice for casual listening, but for those who like to experiment, it’s definitely a good choice. It has features like gapless playback, crossfade, lyrics support, graphic equalizer and various customizable themes. It is efficient, effective and does its job well.

Download Poweramp

6. Pulsar Music Player

Another good option for a lightweight player, Pulsar has all the features required for your day to day music streaming. It offers chromecast support, Last.fm scrobbling and has a well designed GUI and animation. It has a customizable interface with interesting themes and offers all extra features free of cost.

Download Pulsar Music Player


Offering support for all mainstream file formats, AIMP is a powerful music player which has tons of customization options to make it work how you want it to. It has a great material design interface, HTTP live streaming, volume normalization, and an impressive equalizer. Its interface can be easily browsed through and it offers many fun new themes.

Download AIMP

8. Musixmatch

A perfect music player to save you when you forget the lyrics, Musixmatch is much loved due to its floating widget on screen, which displays all the lyrics while a song is playing. It will show you the lyrics even when listening to music on another app and even those of a song playing in your surroundings. Apart from this fantastic feature, it has all the regular ones to give you great listening experience.

Download Musixmatch

9. Pi Music Player

Pi music player is a feature-rich app which is also a visual treat due to its innovative customizable themes. It has a 5 band equalizer, widget support, ringtone cutter and support for podcasts and audiobooks. Pi Power Share is a useful feature which easily lets you share any tracks, albums or playlists with your friends and family.

Download Pi Music Player

10. jetAudio HD

jetAudio is a simple yet interesting choice for a music player as it comes with all necessary features but is also simple enough for everyone to use. It offers audio enhancements in the form of plugins and has a 32 presets equalizer. It has a bass boost, tag editor and also a useful MIDI playback, which is sure to have you interested.

Download jetAudio HD


These were the top 10 music player apps which we feel will be liked by all of you. There are pros and cons to everything and similarly, all the apps may not be to your liking, but whatever your taste maybe, one of these is sure to offer the best listening experience and get you hooked.

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