10 Best Messaging Apps for Android to Chat, Share & Connect


Instant messaging is one of the best aspects of technology nowadays and is a form of communication which has indeed made life easier. The days of sending text messages and MMS are gone by and today, instant messaging rules the communication platform. More so, because apart from sending text messages, it can even help people get replies instantly, know when people are active and even perform voice or video calls.

Best Messaging Apps for Android

There are a number of apps coming up for this purpose and each one is better than the previous. While most of us may already have some or the other messenger app installed on our phones, this article brings to you the best ones you must have. Let’s take a look at the top 10 messenger and chat apps which are the most popular and most useful ones out there.

1. Whatsapp Messenger

The most popular and the most loved app, Whatsapp has a reason for its success. It has tons of features, is updated regularly and does everything you would need from a messaging app. You can text others, make video or voice calls, share images and videos, share locations and contacts and the app offers end-to-end encryption. What more could you want?

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2. Facebook Messenger

An app which allows you to communicate with anyone without even having to exchange phone numbers, Messenger sure has its own set of great features. You can text, share multimedia, make calls and perform all the regular functions. Moreover, the app offers live VR stickers while video calling which is an added fun element. You needn’t be logged on to your facebook account and can directly log on to the messenger.

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3. Line

Line is another popular messaging app which allows you to exchange messages and make free calls as well. It has the added advantage of allowing you to make calls to landline numbers as well, at some minimum cost. Moreover, the app allows you to have a social life where you can post updates on the Line Timeline or even play games on the app.

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4. Google Hangouts

Hangouts is the old and reliable Google messenger app which has been around long enough for people to believe in it. The app offers great cross-platform features where you can seamlessly use it on any phone or computer and perform calling from anywhere as well. It has a number of fun stickers and other features which make it interesting to use.

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5. Viber

An app which may not be as popular as others, Viber does its job well of sending messages and making calls to other Viber users. The app has a feature wherein it can self-destruct chats and even has end-to-end encryption, two useful features for people concerned about security. The app also allows you to make regular domestic and international calls at some minimum cost.

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6. Skype

Skype has gained popularity worldwide and is essentially a video calling app used globally. Be it for personal or professional use, a lot of users rely on this app for the best experience. Moreover, the app also allows users to exchange messages, media files and even make simple voice calls. The app has great support for multiple chats, for all file formats and works well even across different platforms.

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7. Snapchat

An app which was the hottest one a while ago, Snapchat may have lost some of its fan following but the app is still doing well with youngsters. The USP of this app is that it allows users to send auto-disappear messages which disappear once they are viewed. The can be pictures or text messages, all of it is destructed once it is opened. The regular features like video and voice calling are all there as well.

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8. Telegram

Telegram is, without a doubt, the safest messaging app around as it offers 256-bit symmetrical AES encryption along with 2048-bit RSA encryption. The app has features of messaging and texting along with support for cross-platform chats, group chats, GIFs and more. You can even edit the photos and videos you share before you share them and the app puts no limits on the file size.

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9. Kik

An app with a great material design and some very useful features, Kik does not depend on the user’s phone numbers to add contacts and allows you to choose a screen name for useful. This app comes in handy for people who wish to hold random chats without disclosing their identity and offers stickers, emojis, themes, video calling, and even group chats.

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10. WeChat

WeChat is also another app which has gained a lot of popularity nowadays. Apart from offering features like messaging, media sharing and calling, the app also has some unique features. For example, the app makes use of the GPS which allows you to shake your phone to find a friend nearby. It even has location sharing and offers quite a few games.

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While concluding, we would like to say that the 10 apps mentioned above have been tried and tested and hence, have made it onto this list. There is a reason for their popularity and it goes without saying that if you choose to download an install them on your smartphones, you will not be disappointed. So if you wish to experience the best that technology has to offer when it comes to messenger and chat apps, do check them out.

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