10 Best Free Calling Apps for Android to Replace Your Native Phone Calls


Although a number of instant messaging apps have cause people to mostly resort to texting nowadays, calling is still the most reliable option to get your message across clearly. Every time you call someone, you need to pay a certain amount for it and though a lot of companies have come up with cheaper options, calling is still not free of cost.

Best Free Calling Apps for Android

However, there are a number of apps which allow you to make unlimited calls for free. You need an existing data plan or a wifi connection, but since most of us already have that, these apps are the best option to communicate with others. Let’s take a look at the top 10 free calls apps for Android which will always have you hooked onto calls.

1. WhatsApp

An app which needs practically no introduction, Whatsapp is dominating the messaging and calling scene nowadays. The app started off as a text-only platform but has now incorporated both voice and video calls. As long as the other person has WhatsApp installed, you can easily make calls, without needing an additional account or number. Moreover, if your data or wifi connection is good, the calls are pretty stable with high quality.

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2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another app which was initially just used for texting but now has calling features as well. It even allows you to engage in video calls with AR stickers and filters to make your calls more fun. Moreover, almost everyone has the app installed and hence will be more open to this option than installing a whole new app. As long as you’re facebook friends, you can easily call the other person and the app even allows you to play some games.

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3. Google Duo

An easy to use interface, good quality even on lower connections and enhanced video calling is what makes Google Duo popular. The app initially started off for the sole purpose of video calling but the latest updated also allows you to perform voice calls. The app works across platforms, so you can easily call anyone else with the same app, irrespective of the device they use.

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4. Hangouts

Hangouts is Google’s official messaging and calling app. You can download the app for free and sign up with your Google account. Then you can proceed to call anyone else with the same app, all free of cost. It even allows you to directly call phone numbers with some restrictions. Apart from calling, you can use the app to send messages, share pictures, locations and more.

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5. Skype

One of the oldest players in the game, Skype is the most widely used service on phones, tablets as well as computers. The app allows you to make free voice and video calls to others as long as they have the same app. You can send instant text messages and since Skype has a large customer base, you will find that almost everyone has the app installed. Moreover, you can even call phone numbers directly by paying some certain amount.

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6. Viber

Viber is quite similar to Skype in its features but doesn’t require a different user ID. It uses your number as the user ID and syncs all your contacts to show you who all is available on the same service. You can then proceed to call them free of cost, be it voice or video calling. You can even invite other friends to Viber. The app allows you send messages individually or in groups of up to 250 members as well.

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7. Signal Private Messenger

This one is the perfect app for people concerned about security as it offers end-to-end encryption for everything, be it messages or calls. It is an open source app which allows you to call other people who have the same app on their phones. It offers all its services free of cost while ensuring that your privacy is maintained to the highest level. You can seamlessly make high-quality voice and video calls without worrying about third-parties snooping around.

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LINE is not just another free calling and texting app, but a full social media platform. The app allows you to post things on your timeline and comment on others posts. You can easily call others, even cross-platform as long as they have the LINE app installed. You can make your messaging more fun with quirky stickers and communicate with anyone on any platform like Android, iOS, Windows etc.

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9. Slack

An app which can be integrated with tons of other apps and allows you to message and call for free is Slack. It works across different platforms and is essentially a chat service for both small and big businesses. It even allows you to create text channels apart from messaging people individually and allows you to easily make calls to other people using the same app.

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10. IMO

A straightforward, clean and sleek user interface is what makes stand out from other apps of its kind. It came out as texting and video calling app but has off late even introduced the feature of voice calling. You can perform all these actions completely free of cost, as long as you have a working internet connection and your receiver has the same app installed. It has tons of stickers to make your conversations interesting and is quite popular among a lot of users.

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Finally, we would like to say that if you’re someone who is looking to reduce their phone bill and is tired of having to constantly pay for every single call, these apps are the best option for you. All of them include both texting and calling and are popular enough that most users will have one or two of them installed on their phones. So, the next time you are tired of paying bills, just take a look at these options, we promise you wouldn’t be disappointed.

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