10 Best Android File Explorer Apps to Manage Your Files on the Go


File Management is one of the most important aspects of using a smartphone. Whether you’re someone who has tons of unused data you wish to deal with or someone who simply wants to browse through files via a single platform, File Manager apps are very important for you. These apps are important to organize your device in a better manner and to seamlessly view and manage all your files and apps.

Best Android File Explorer Apps

Most smartphones come with File Manager apps which are pre-installed, but a lot of them may not be feature rich and may not provide all that you expect out of them. For that reason alone, there are a lot of third-party File Manager apps which you can download for an impeccable organization of your phone’s storage space. Read on to find out about the top 10 File Explorers, Managers and Browsers which are sure to have you hooked.

1. ASUS File Manager

Though it is the default File Manager app for ASUS smartphones, this app is available for download for any other phone as well. It is simple, effective and has an easy to use and aesthetic interface. It allows wireless transfer between PC and mobile apart from features like LAN and SMB access, cloud storage, archive, and extraction, compressing and decompressing files etc. It supports almost all file types and even has a built-in recycle bin.

Download ASUS File Manager

2. Amaze File Manager

Amaze is a comparatively newer app in the game, but is good nonetheless and is a great option for people who want a simple app for light browsing. It is open source and has a material design with FTP and SMB file sharing support. It has all the regular features like a built-in app manager, root explorer, navigation drawer etc and users can even bookmark frequently used folders or create shortcuts to them.

Download Amaze File Manager

3. Astro File Browser

One of the oldest File Browser apps, Astro is definitely a powerful app which makes file browsing super smooth and comfortable. It offers support for both SD card and cloud storage, allows extraction from archives and even file compression. It has an in-built SD Card Usage Manager, Task Killer, Download Manager, and even App Manager. The app has everything sorted into folders in a neat and clean interface.

Download Astro File Browser

4. Total Commander

Total Commander has an intuitive dark interface which makes navigation super easy and has numerous features like support for cloud and network storage, a text editor, extra plugins for FTP and SFTP client, LAN access, WebDAV, sorting by file name etc. It even has a two-panel mode for easy file management and helps rooted devices to access the restricted files. You can bookmark folders and save them as shortcuts for easy access.

Download Total Commander

5. X-plore File Manager

X-plore is one of the more unique apps on this list with its dual-pane feature which means you can work on two windows at the same time. This is useful for copy-pasting or moving files from one place to another and enables you to move files quickly. Users can even compress folders into APK packages and view the disc map to see what file takes up how much space. The regular features are all there like cloud and network storage, PDF viewer, root support, hex viewer and so on.

Download X-plore File Manager

6. MK Explorer

An app which is perfect for users who just want something simple and basic, MK Explorer offers a classic material design with an intuitive interface. It has features like ZIP and RAR Support, built-in text editor, music player, and gallery, supports the SD card and even multiple languages. It has a side drawer for shortcuts or bookmarks to frequently accessed folders as well.

Download MK Explorer

7. File Manager

File Manager is an app which does its job well, without too much flair and gives basic features for file management along with support for cloud storage, NAS and even offers a few versions of FTP. You can easily browse through your installed apps, photos, videos, music etc with a decent enough player and even has a ‘swipe’ feature to easily move from one folder to another. The app even makes available options for internal memory and external drives.

Download File Manager

8. ES File Explorer

Probably the only app with a great ‘Space Analyzer,’ to clean up your memory and remove any trash, ES File Explorer offers all the basic cut, copy, delete and rename features along with support for cloud and network storage. The app offers a colorful interface with customizable themes and you can share files from within the app with other ES File users. The app also supports rooted devices and you can even record certain ‘Gestures’ to auto-perform actions in the app.

Download ES File Explorer

9. FX File Explorer

FX File Explorer is a newer app with all the basic and many advanced features as well. It has multi-window support, network and cloud storage support and even supports archived and encrypted files like GZip, Bzip2 and 7zip. The app has an in-built text editor along with basic cut, copy, past and other functions for all your media and files.

Download FX File Explorer

10. Solid Explorer

Solid Explorer has a material design along with an interactive user interface and supports almost all cloud storage networks. The app also works well for root access on rooted devices and has many options for custom themes available. It offers support for FTP, SFTP, SMB, CISP, and WebDAV, archive and compression of files and Chromecast as well. The app has a drag and drop feature along with a dual panel display to make the movement of files much easier.

Download Solid Explorer


In the end, it is important to note that despite how laid-back a user is, File Management is a very essential part of managing your phone and everyone needs to access it at some point or the other. It is quite important to ensure your phone is clean of all junk and everything exists where it should be. These 10 File Manager and Explorer Apps are without a doubt the best ones out these and if you wish to experience the best of technology, do go ahead and check them out.

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