15 Best eBook Reader Apps for Android to Take Your Books Anywhere You Go!

EBooks have taken over the reading era and have given a back seat to the conventional printed books. In today’s age of technology and a fast-paced lifestyle, most people do not have the time to spend browsing through a bookstore and buying hundreds of books they need to carry every day. Now you can simply, download an eBook reader app, or eReader and read unlimited books whenever and wherever. No more hassle of having to carry bags full of heavy books or spend thousands on just making your own collection.

Best eBook Reader Apps for Android

These eBook Reader Apps give you the luxury to read even on the go, via your small Android device. We have curated a list of the 15 best eBook Reader Apps which are sure to attract all you readers out there.

1. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is, without a doubt, the most popular eBook reader nowadays. It offers a wide collection of free books, magazines, and newspapers. Moreover, it has features like cross-device syncing, bookmarks, highlights, last read page and a lot of customization options as well. The app has an in-built dictionary and support for Google Search and Wikipedia from within. The best part about this app is the availability of innumerable books which makes it one of the most consistent eBook stores today.

Download Amazon Kindle

2. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is a somewhat older app but good nonetheless. It offers support for all EPUB, PDF formats and Adobe DRM encrypted books along with eBook support for library books which can be rented. It offers both phone and tablet support, global text searches inside of books and tons of customization for font size, font face and even background settings. The interface is also quite clean and easy to work with.

Download Aldiko Book Reader

3. Google Play Books

A virtual store for all sorts of books and magazines, Google Play Books allows you to upload your own books to the cloud as well. It offers to sync with other devices so you can access your material anywhere. The app supports almost all eBook and comic book formats and has features like Quick Bookmarks, book rentals, and even a Rapid Skim Mode.

Download Google Play Books

4. Nook

Nook is another good competitor to the popular eReaders and you can visit the Barnes&Noble store to choose which books you wish to read. The app supports eBooks, comic books and has customization available to make your reading much more comfortable and easy. You can sync the app across devices and even read newspaper and magazines on it.

Download Nook

5. Moon+ Reader

Another app which supports almost all EPUB, PDF, MOBI and comic book formats, Moon+ has the advantage of even offering OPDS support. The app gives you good control over the display with over ten themes, auto-scrolling, gesture controls, EPUB3 support and even has a bar which shows your reading process of the chapter or the whole book. The app offers a different day and night display and you can even cross-sync the app to other devices via Dropbox.

Download Moon+ Reader

6. Kobo Books

Kobo is a pretty decent and simple eReader which supports eBook as well as audiobooks. The catalog has almost four million titles and has something to satisfy all kinds of readers. The app has a ‘Reading Life’ feature wherein you can share quotes or notes and discuss books with others via Facebook, opening up a world of social reading. It also offers a night mode, downloading books and cross-device syncing.

Download Kobo Books

7. FBReader

Another app which ensures smooth and easy reading, FBReader offers support for all AZW3, EPUB, fb2, RTF, HTML and plain text documents. The app is integrated with dictionaries, has eight online catalogs and organizes the library according to titles and authors. It is highly customizable and you can set the font, size, animations, bookmarks and so on.

Download FBReader

8. FullReader

FullReader or FReader is one of the most popular apps which supports any and every reading format including comic books and audiobooks. It has a classic material design with a simple UI and offers cloud backup support as well. It allows you to directly send documents for printing and even has a built-in translator for almost 95 languages. The app has an AMOLED dark mode and high level of customization for themes.

Download FullReader

9. EbookDroid

An app with a simple and useful interface, EbookDroid supports all reading formats like PDF, XPS, DJVU, fb2, CBR, CBZ, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, AWZ3 and so on. It has flexible font mapping for PDF styles, dictionary support, text highlighting, dictionary support, free annotations and a large selection of plugins for more enhanced functionality. The app is completely free of cost and the best part, it has no in-app advertising either.

Download EbookDroid

10. Bookari (Mantano Reader Lite)

Bookari is one of the best apps when it comes to a well-designed interface and good management of books. The app offers a status bar, allows you to categorize your books into a different collection and even lets you seamlessly search for any book in the catalog. You can browse through the SD cards and quickly import books by the one-click importing feature. It even allows you to sync your reading across different devices making use of the Mantano Cloud.

Download Bookari

11. Cool Reader

An app which stands by its name to give you the best and coolest reading experience, Cool Reader ensures that your eyes are never strained by its day/night toggle for different colors and background based on the time of the day. It supports a wide range of formats like HTML, EPUB, RTF etc and allows you to customize the font and format in texts. It even displays all information like page count, chapter marks and percentage read on the screen.

Download Cool Reader

12. Prestigio Book Reader

A good enough modern UI along with cross-syncing across various devices is what makes Prestigio Book Reader, popular. You can easily continue reading on another device if required, as long as you create an account and sync the app. The app has high levels of customization to enhance your reading experience along with a catalog of 50,000 books and text-to-speech functionality as well. It has a night mode for easy reading and supports up to 25 languages.

Download Prestigio

13. Bluefire Reader

Bluefire is an app which supports a good amount of file formats along with a page sync feature to continue reading across different devices. The app allows you to customize the display setting and enable a day or night reading mode. You can browse the app for books and download your favorite ones with much ease. Moreover, the app also provides analytic services that provide key metrics and has all regular features like highlighting, bookmarking, note-taking, contextual searching etc.

Download Bluefire Reader

14. PocketBook Reader

PocketBook Reader may be a slightly older reading app but is, without a doubt, one of the best ones around. It supports almost all eBook file formats with the addition of comic books like CBR, CBZ, and Adobe DRM and PDF as well. There is support for OPDS and you can perform all regular functions like highlighting, exporting notes, lock screen orientation and so on.

Download PocketBook Reader

15. AIReader

Another app which is quite new in the game, but good enough to be at the top, AIReader has a unique feature of supporting even older versions of Android. This way you can read in a hassle-free manner even if your phone is an old one. There are a lot of customization options, animations of page-turning, auto-scrolling and different viewing modes you can choose from. It supports EPUB, RTF, MOBI, PRC and almost all other file formats.

Download AIReader


While concluding, we would like to add that these were the top 15 Ebook Apps according to us, some of which you may or may not like. But it goes without saying, that whatever your choice may be, you will find at least one or two apps here which will suit your likes and needs. With the help of these apps, you can enjoy all the pleasures of reading your favorite novel from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet.

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