15 Best Web Browsers for Android to Enhance Your Browsing Experience!

Browsing the world wide web is a necessary and much-used feature of our Android phones and hence having the right browser can make things so much easier.

Best Android Browsers

Every phone has a default browser but these may not always be to our liking which is why we have curated a list for you, of the top 15 Android browsers, which you should definitely install on your phones.

1. Google Chrome

Chrome is the most reliable, pre-installed and most popular browser on each and every Android phone. It comes with a good syncing option, latest material design, Google voice search, deeper integration with Android, unlimited tabs, in-built data saver and so on and so forth.

Download Google Chrome

2. Dolphin Browser

Another browser a lot of users swear by, Dolphin has an intuitive interface, flash support, gesture controls, theming etc. Another useful feature is the Dolphin Sonar, wherein users can search, share and navigate via their voice. It even provides a password manager and has very fast downloading speeds.

Download Dolphin Browser

3. Brave Browser

One of the latest browsers in the game, this is an extremely functional one which has great battery life improvements and speed optimizations. It is quite secure in the sense it can block scripts, third-party cookies, remove ads and provide the utmost online privacy. It has all the basic features as well and HTTPs everywhere.

Download Brave Browser

4. Firefox Browser

Firefox is also one of the oldest and most stable browsers with a new version which has come out in 2018. It has the advantage of desktop sync, plugin support and even sharing with a TV which has streaming equipment. Moreover, it allows multiple panels and also supports HTML5.

Download Firefox Browser

5. Opera Mini Browser

The tiny and lightweight version of the traditional Opera browser, Opera mini is the perfect option for quick and fast browsing without using too many resources. It has integration protection and offers night mode, partial ad blocking, speed dial, private browsing etc.

Download Opera Mini Browser

6. Puffin Browser

Puffin browser has shot to fame due to its fantastic speed and reliable support for the flash player, to allow us to play flash contents. Released by CloudMosa, it offers secure cloud protection, on-screen keyboard functions, auto-blocking of pop-ups and saves data beyond belief. It even has color themes for its toolbar to make it look prettier.

Download Puffin Browser

7. Kiwi Browser

It is a comparatively newer browser which uses Chromium as a base and has some interesting new changes on the usual UI of all browsers. It offers cryptojacking protection, has a complete contrast mode for AMOLED screens and of course has a pop-up blocker and native ad blocking.

Download Kiwi Browser

8. Flynx

Flynx has a unique feature as compared to other browsers where it allows you to easily multitask and open multiple links and pages in the background. It has a floating window which will hover as a bubble on the screen unless you click on it and open it, thus allowing you to use other apps simultaneously as well.

Download Flynx

9. Naked Browser

True to its name, this browser may not look fancy and flashy, but its simplicity is what makes it so popular. It works much faster than any other browser and makes up for its lack of beauty with its lightning fast speed. It has a functional UI with a scaled black nature, which loads sites quite quickly.

Download Naked Browser

10. Lynket Browser

Previously known as Chromer, this browser offers support for Chrome Custom tabs and lets you open up any link or site via them. It even includes Web Head and these two features together make it quite a unique and popular browser on the market.

Download Lynket Browser

11. UC Browser

UC Browser is another extremely popular browser when compared with others and uses data compression and cloud acceleration technology. It has an HTML5 web app, cloud sync, data saver, ad-block features, night mode and has a super-fast speed. It even lets you view just the text on pages if you wish to save data.

Download UC Browser

12. Ecosia Browser

A perfect browser for anyone and everyone who cares about the environment, Ecosia donates almost 80% of its profits to plant trees, hence the name. It uses Chromium and hence looks a little like Chrome, but offers all the necessary features while serving an important cause.

Download Ecosia Browser

13. Lightning Browser

An open-source browser which is lightweight and has a simplistic and minimal design, Lightning browser boasts of being compatible with Orbot as well. Thus it is an immensely secure browser with features such as ad-blocking and theming and is as functional as a good browser should be.

Download Lightning Browser

14. Tor Browser

A go-to option for secure and private browsing, Tor browser connects to Tor’s proxy network to keep your browsing a secret and hide your surfing from both your ISP and everyone else. It offers ad-blockers, multi-layer encryption and even protects you from surveillance.

Download Tor Browser

15. Firefox Focus

Firefox Focus is another browser which is focused on security and privacy and offers every browsing session in a private mode. It is a better option than Firefox for people who want a secure browser and has a good ad-blocking feature along with a single tap deletion of history.

Download Firefox Focus


In conclusion, we would like to point out that web browsers are a distinct part of our day to day usage and surfing the internet has become a habit for most people nowadays. This is the simple reason why we have picked out the best browsers for you and hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoyed writing about them.

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