15 Best Android Widgets to Elevate Your Home Screen!

Android Widgets have been around for a long time, ever since apps were invented. Their usage may have dwindled off late, but they are still extremely useful and certain things work much better in a widget format. Widgets are one of the prime reasons why users prefer Android over iOS. The ability to customize your home screen in a way you want is the best advantage of having an Android device and these widgets help you do that.

Best Android Widgets

There are innumerable widgets nowadays, some of which are standalone whereas some require full applications to work. Android widgets are super versatile, flexible and constantly display data. Here we have picked out the best 15 widgets which should be an essential addition to your home screen.

1. 1Weather

One of the most popular weather apps, 1Weather has enough customization available and uses the ‘flip clock and weather’ style to display both weather and the time. It has a stylish look and can give daily, weekly and even monthly detailed weather reports. Clicking on the widget gives you a fun weather fact and clicking on the clock takes you to your alarm app.

Download 1Weather

2. Battery Widget Reborn

Battery Widget Reborn is a handy tool to always be aware of your battery percentage and how long your phone will last on the current battery. It can be customized to change colour and size and offers toggles to wifi and bluetooth settings. The widget is highly customizable and offers its own power saving mode as well.

Download Battery Widget Reborn

3. Calendar Widget

Calendar Widget is a useful one which offers sync with Google Calendar as well and you can easily keep track of your important dates. It has a good look and theme and even supports a lunar calendar. It even offers an ‘Agenda’ widget which has more options and allows you to create widgets for specific events as well.

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4. Google Widgets

The Google search bar is definitely the most handy widget which lets you search for a lot of things quickly and even conduct voice searches. The four-by-four widget which shows the news cards and weather updates is also a common and effective one. It gives you personalized updates according to your browsing history and lets you easily access your Google assistant.

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5. Chronus

Chronus is essentially a clock widget app which is quite simple to use and very effective. You can add widgets on the lock screen as well apart from the home screen and customize all of them. It offers widgets like clock, alarm, calendar events, time etc and you can choose the appearance of each of them.

Download Chronus

6. Google Keep

There may be a lot of note taking apps nowadays, but Google Keep is a simple and effective one which allows you to make text notes, voice notes, list notes and add pictures, drawing or even annotations. The notes widget comes in a bunch of different sizes, can easily be pinned on your home screen and can even be synced between devices.

Download Google Keep

7. HD Widgets

HD Widgets may not be as popular as it once was, but is still an umbrella app for many widgets like weather, time, date, settings toggles and app shortcuts. The weather updates are taken directly from AccuWeather or OpenWeather. The colour and look of the widgets can be customized to suit your phone’s theme as well.

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One of the most powerful apps these days, IFTTT allows users to create fully automated tasks and get a lot of tedious work done with a single click. The button widget can automatically activate a command and help you perform many actions. You can auto-text someone, turn the hue lights on or off and do a lot more with this useful widget. It might take a little time getting used to, but is definitely worth the effort.

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9. All Messages Widget

This one is a very useful widget to easily access all your messages in a single place, irrespective of their platform. You can view messages from texts, Whatsapp, Messenger, Skype, Viber, Hangouts, WeChat and even your call log, via this widget. It can be customized to suit your liking and you can even select the apps which connect to it.

Download All Messages Widget

10. Muzei Live Wallpaper

If you’re someone who can never decide which wallpaper to put and always keeps on changing them, this widget is the one for you. The app offers many wallpapers, but the widget allows you to easily switch to another one and choose any great artwork as your wallpaper.

Download Muzei Live Wallpaper

11. Tasker

Tasker is without doubt the most powerful app which is also quite complex and complicated. Once you get the hang of it, it can help you automate your tasks and perform almost 200 actions on its own. A lot of other apps also have Tasker support and this widget has tons of plugins for more functionality.

Download Tasker

12. Time Until

A simple and fun little app to help you countdown the days to a special occasion, Time Until has a widget which can be set down to the month, week, day, hour, minute or even second. It updates everyday and takes working days into account. The widget can be customized to add a background image instead of a solid colour and even the size can be adjusted.

Download Time Until

13. KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

KWGT is an app which allows you to create your own custom widgets and uses a WYSIWYG editor. It requires some learning but is not as difficult as you would imagine. It can help you display system info, time, battery, countdowns, location, alarm, traffic data and so on. You can customize it to look however and it even supports Zooper, Tasker etc.

Download KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

14. TickTick

A simple and functional app to always update your to-do list, TickTick has a list style with easy controls and organization. You can create as many lists as you want and even share them with friends or family. Everyone can then add on their own points and the app will give you reminders for free. The widget can also be customized to offer a calendar widget and others useful for your to-do lists.

Download TickTick

15. Overdrop

Overdrop can rightly be called as a good-looking weather widget, which is pretty new in the game. It offers a forecast of upto 5 days, has a card style layout and uses Dark Sky to provide weather updates. The widget also shows the battery percentage and date and has an interesting dark mode and vibrant UI.

Download Overdrop


In conclusion, it is important to note that using widgets requires a little knowledge and experience and some of them may be easier to handle than others. Whatever the case may be, it goes without saying that they are definitely very useful and handy when it comes to using your Android device. This list consists of some great options which will surely interest you and we also hope it can be of great use to you.

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