10 Best News Apps for Android to Stay Updated Anytime Anywhere!

In today’s fast-paced world, most people do not get the time to sit with a cup of tea and read the newspaper every morning. That precisely is the reason why the makers have come up with applications which you can install on your phones and check the news, even while on the go.

News Apps for Android

These apps come with a wide variety of features to even allow you to customize them according to your preference of news and have a personalized news feed. Here we bring to you a list of the top 10 news apps for Android, which will make it much more convenient for you to always stay updated and aware of happenings around you.

1. Feedly

One of the most popular apps around, Feedly is an RSS reader which lets you create your own news feed curated from sites that you trust. A successor of Google Reader, it has integration with Facebook, Twitter, OneNote, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Evernote etc. A lightweight app, it is rapid while updating news and will help you subscribe to any news source.

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2. Google Feed/ Google News

A reliable app for personalized news on topics you care about, Google News will filter the results and give you relevant topics based on your search history. An AI-powered smart app, it is simple enough to give out just the headlines or can even offer full coverage on topics compiled from 65,000 publications.

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3. Flipboard

Flipboard is the perfect app for people who like to fancy things up a bit, thanks to its aesthetic UI, fun animations and a stylish magazine-like layout. It is customizable so you can choose your own news sites and sources for the feed and even explore others via the discovery option. It is an image-heavy app which is otherwise quite easy to navigate.

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4. Reddit

Reddit has been around for a long time to assure us of its popularity and the news feed app makes it a whole new interactive experience for users. You can subscribe to subreddits for relevant topics, be updated of the trending ones and even share and discuss topics with other users. It is a perfect blend of news and entertainment with custom themes for the app as well.

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5. Smart News

One of the newer apps in the race, Smart News analyses tons of articles from all over the world and offers you a well-rounded view. It even has an offline reading mode and shows minimal graphics when your network is poor. Within the app, news categories are sorted in different channels and you can set a notification for the headlines at regular intervals as well.

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6. BBC News

Britain’s national broadcaster, BBC has its official news app which is best for delivering unbiased and non-sensational news from any country with a single tap. There is a live-streaming of news from within the app and it even offers an offline mode. You can also control the sharing of your data and turn background sync off.

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7. Podcast and Radio Addict

This one is a perfect combination of an RSS and podcast app with a collection of 450,000 podcasts. You can subscribe to a news site or page of your choice and experience a good organization of your news feed. It even offers Chromecast support, podcast playlists, and even YouTube support.

Download Podcast and Radio Addict

8. News Republic

News Republic is a simple and well-designed app which will offer the latest headlines of all breaking news and can even be used to create your own personalized feed via RSS support. It has a smart feature wherein it caters to your choices by keeping note of your history and activity on the device.

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9. Microsoft News

Initially known as MSN news, this app requires you to sign in with your Microsoft account so that you can easily sync with other platforms and access your personalized feed anytime, anywhere. It offers a smooth experience and simple navigation and can present news from whichever country you choose.

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10. InShorts

An Indian startup and a good one we must say, this news app has a unique feature of delivering news in less than 60 words which is objective and without sensationalization. It shows one ‘flashcard’ at a time and you can keep swiping up for more news or left for the full article. It even offers ‘My Feed’ based on your choice of topics and is a small and lightweight application.

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In the end, we would like to point out that reading newspaper though a good habit is a slightly impractical one for people nowadays and that is when these apps come to your rescue. Offering you all the news in simple headlines, in a few words or even full coverage, they are sure to have you interested. We hope you consider our choice when next downloading these apps on to your device.

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