15 Best Android Apps to Get the Most out of Your Smartphone in 2019!

Gone are those days when mobile phones were meant only for calling and texting. Today’s scenario can be seen as the world of emerging mobile applications where each one of us wants to keep up with the pace of growing technology. Android applications are the results of the latest updates and comprehensive efforts, to bring out the best of gaming experiences, social connectivity, weather updates, location tracings, video calling and whatnot in a single device for all the Android users.

Best Android Apps

Every android user has his own favorite application based on his need and economic feasibility, as not all applications are available free of cost. Understanding the irony to choose the best app among a million of them is a tough task. We, therefore are suggesting you a list of top 15 Android Apps of 2019 on the basis of every possible aspect.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps surely tops the list of the best real-time virtual mapping services. Irrespective of you being in any corner of the world, the free download of Google Maps provides you with the actual-time GPS navigation, discovery of the best places nearby for travel, food or recreation, status of traffic updates in your route and so forth. It even gives access to maps when one does not possess an internet connectivity in certain circumstances.

Download Google Maps

2. PUBG Mobile

There are no second thoughts regarding the buzzing popularity of the PUBG mobile game.This addictive game, with its stunning 3D graphics, turns into a battleground aiming for the survival of the fittest. Play it with your friends across the world with an army of weapons, 100 players in the ground,bass sound effects, speedy vehicles, the constantly reducing game zone and an everlasting thrill.This game can be downloaded for free and is frequently updated keeping in mind all the adventures of the play.

Download PUBG Mobile

3. Tik Tok

Tik Tok has gained immense popularity during the last year in the Android field of entertainment apps. An updated version of the very famous musical.ly app, Tik Tok lets you create short videos of around 15 seconds to capture and imitate all your favorite or funny videos from the glam industry. Moreover, you also get the option to edit, trim, apply filters and share the recorded videos with your friends socially.

Download Tik Tok

4. Google Assistant

Just say ‘Ok Google’ or long press the home button of your android device and instruct it to get any of your phone job done. Google assistant works with artificial intelligence and is quite similar to ‘siri’ of iOS. With the personal google assistant at your service say ‘Ok Google’ and communicate to schedule your alarms, reminders or texts, make faster phone calls to specific person, say ‘take selfie’, ’play ‘’this’’ song’,or  ‘take me “here” ’, to get any of your job done in seconds.

Download Google Assistant

5. WhatsApp

With the rise of increased WhatsApp application downloads in billions, the traditional system of texting or SMS has taken a back seat. WhatsApp with its very user-friendly interface requires you to have a 2G, 3G or WiFi connection to send instant messages, save chats, text with emojis, make video calls/voice calls and share your location. With the frequent and viable updates that are being made to this application, no one can ignore the essence of a Whatsapp download in his/her phone.

Download WhatsApp

6. Evernote

Evernote is the best and confined form of all of your to-do lists, reminders or checklists. You also have the option to capture or scan the text data residing in an image and in this manner, all of your important information is saved in one particular location. It also helps you to stay updated with the class notes, create your missions, have conversations with your friends and share the same with your group using the app.

Download Evernote

7. Instagram

Instagram as the best social networking app lets you share all your recent pictures, browse through your friends’ posts, follow the public accounts of your favorite celebrities, post the stories of your life visible for a day, go live and share your thought. A user can set his account to be a public or private one. Also, the recent update to the app enables the video/audio calling feature too.

Download Instagram

8. Netflix

Streaming the video media from all over the world, Netflix has become a favorite application for the entertainment of Android users. With a month of free subscription, the Netflix account charges a monthly subscription fee for later access of the app. Playing TV series, movies, and programmes, the app caters users with its own original Netflix productions too.

Download Netflix

9. LastPass Password Manager

If you tend to forget your online passwords or threat security of its hack, LastPass Manager is the rescue route for the same. The app protects your password of internet accounts while securing the same in a vault. Primarily, this app comes up with your stored online passwords of the applications and relieves you from the long processes of password resets in case you forget the same.

Download LastPass

10. Nova Launcher

This application, unlike other Android launchers, serves all the necessary needs of android users in relation to smooth phone interface, better screen controls and a hassle-free launching of apps from your phone’s desktop. Moreover, the app is frequently updated and provides you with features including infinite scrolling and convenient widgets.

Download Nova Launcher

11. Google Duo

Beating every video calling application in call quality, Google Duo emerges as the top app for the best quality calls, requiring to just sign up for the app with your phone number. You can then make duo calls to all your contacts accessing this app. It also lets you verify the caller by displaying his live glimpse before you pick up the call. Moreover, you can leave a video message for the person on the other hand, if he isn’t able to pick up your calls.

Download Google Duo

12. Shazam

It is the most amazing application for all the music freaks as it lets you discover the song being played in the background, where you are present. It even displays the name of artists and album along with the display of song name. The identified song can be bought on Google Play by just clicking on the ‘buy’ tab or the same can be synced with Spotify.

Download Shazam

13. Weather

It is quite obvious that one needs to stay updated regarding the weather scenarios prevailing at a particular place. The android app of weather offers you the current weather reports and showcases the future forecasts too. The interface and picture effects that come with this application make it very convenient for android users to study weather reports for up to 3 months in the designed forms of storms, rains or spell.

Download Weather

14. Pulse SMS

This application lets you relive the older days of texting via SMS, using the evolved technology of the internet. You can send messages, GIFs, enjoy password protected chats or send MMS by paying a nominal download charge for this app, using your official mobile number. It also supports the media share and can block the ones sending spam messages.

Download Pulse SMS

15. Walli

In today’s era, we prefer looking at our phone frequently than watching out for the people around us. Our phone definitely needs stunning wallpapers and 3D images to keep us going with a smile in life. Walli is the best available Android application, acquainting you with beautiful wallpapers, recommendations and varied sizes of backgrounds for your mobile screens.

Download Walli


In the end, we could conclude that the Android world of apps is limitless. Some of them are charged downloads, and on the contrary, some are free. The frequent updates and sequels to the applications may act as beneficial to some, while a hindrance to the other. All in all, we can say that though applications may fluctuate amongst their ranks, the above-mentioned list is definitely a viable scene to be considered for. We are hopeful that it comes as a great use for your decision!

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