15 Best Adventure Games for Android to Enjoy Heart-Pounding Action & Unique Gameplay


One of the best parts about owning a smartphone is the ability to play innumerable games on it. These games might be just a way to pass time for some people while to others, it is a whole process which takes up time and effort. Adventure games are quite an umbrella term which can include any number of games under it. Basically, any game that takes you on an adventure, is included in this category.

Best Adventure Games for Android

Almost all games nowadays have some or the other kind of adventure involved which is why we have picked out the best ones for you. The games we have selected are the most popular ones and are sure to have you hooked on to your phones all day. So if you wish to download the best adventure games, do take a look at the list below.

1. Crashlands

One of the most popular games with RPG style character leveling, crafting and combat, Crashlands is a good choice for all users. The game involves you crashing on to an enemy island as a space trucker. Then you have to create your base, build up your team by taming creatures, fight the enemy and save the world.

Download Crashlands

2. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is, without doubt, the most loved game which has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. The game is a Battle Royale experience where the players have to fight each other to be the last man standing. There are 100 players dropped on an island and then they all have to fight till death till a victor emerges. The game has great controls and graphics and fantastic playing experience.

Download PUBG Mobile

3. Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go best brings the adventure to your doorstep as it requires you to actually move out and explore places to catch pokemon. You can look the stipulated pokestops, engage in fights at the Gym and keep upgrading your score as you catch more Pokemon. The game which became quite the rage when it was released, it is still super popular.

Download Pokemon Go

4. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Anyone who is familiar with Rockstar games would say that this is the best one so far. It features great graphics, interesting gameplay and offers access to various unlimited weapons and equipment. You can drive cars, fly airplanes and gain access to different new terrains in the city as well. The other GTA games are also equally interesting and bring a new crime thrill to the adventure games section.

Download San Andreas

5. Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is essentially a multiplayer game where the players have to fight or ‘brawl’ with each other to achieve victory. There are a number of modes you can play like straight brawl, heist or a bounty mode. Each mode has slightly different gameplay but all have a similar arena where you fight with others. The theme of the game is quite colorful and attractive and there are some MOBA elements as well.

Download Brawl Stars

6. Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

The most interesting game in the Final Fantasy series, this one requires you to make a team of heroes who can help you explore the area and participate in missions and conquests. This version has many more mystical dungeons, towns and secret lores to engage the player and you need to work on a good strategy to ensure you achieve success.

Download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius

7. Alto’s Adventure

The game is essentially a ‘snowboarding’ game wherein you are required to speed across the mountains on your board and collect items while you’re at it. You have to maneuver well to avoid obstacles and as your score increases, so does your level. The game has some great graphics and a very interesting and unique color scheme. There is quite some customization you can do as you explore the different gradients.

Download Alto’s Adventure

8. Modern Combat 5

One of the most interesting multiplayer First Person Shooter game, Modern Combat 5 is a super popular one with some fantastic graphics and excellent gameplay. You have to scale across a lot of missions as you fight the enemy and achieve victory. The game has an interesting storyline and you can choose to play alone or team up with your friends to create a coordinated attack on the enemy.

Download Modern Combat 5

9. Iron Blade: Monster Hunt

Iron Blade is an action RPG game which requires you to wield your sword and be the hero who saves the world. The fantasy enriched game has some amazing locations which you can explore, some terrifying monsters you must fight and tests all your fighting skills as you set out to build your own empire. You can even challenge other players in PvP challenges and achieve victoriously.

Download Iron Blade

10. Swordigo

Swordigo is essentially a platformer adventure game which requires you to solve different puzzles, cross the various levels and eventually defeat the bad guys. The game has very cool graphics, many different locations you can explore, little charms and magic and great controls which can even be customized. It is a typical adventure game with gameplay which is easy to understand.

Download Swordigo

11. Ninja Arashi

Ninja Arashi consists of players controlling a silhouetted Ninja and the story is that of saving the Ninja’s son. The player has to navigate across 2D and linear levels and there are 45 such levels. The player has destructive weapons which can be used and the game features much high-level acrobatics.

Download Ninja Arashi

12. Rayman Adventures

This one is a perfect game for anyone who loves natural and picturesque surroundings and the goal of the game is to save the ancient tree which can only survive if it has the eggs which have been stolen. So as you set out to find the eggs, you will battle monsters and bandits and explore a massive magical and mythical world. The game has some amazing graphics and interesting gameplay.

Download Rayman Adventures

13. Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival is essentially a battle royale game which is played by around 230 million people across the world. It is a game where you have to aim to be the last man standing in a constantly shrinking arena and kill the other players before they kill you. There are various weapons and equipment you can collect to help you build an arsenal and fight.

Download Rules of Survival

14. The Walking Dead

Arguably one of the best adventure games out there, Walking Dead is a zombie shooter game which is packed with adventure and breathtaking gameplay. The storyline builds up well as you play and every decision you make affects your progress in the game. The graphics are pretty great and it’s fun to play in a world where the dead are walking.

Download The Walking Dead

15. The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is another game by Telltale which is packed with adventure and fantasy elements. The game has an intriguing storyline and well thought out puzzle features as well. The game has several episodes which you can play and quite decent graphics. It requires you to take important decisions at the right time in order to move ahead.

Download The Wolf Among Us


As we conclude, we would like to point out that some of these games may have overlaps with genres like action, mystery, thriller etc but the bottom line is that each one will offer an interesting new adventure to the player. If you are someone who likes to embark on quests and mysterious adventures, then you definitely should take a look at these 15. We assure that they would not disappoint you and would rather leave you craving for more.

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