The 13 Best Android Emulators for PC and Mac, As of 2019!

Android Emulators are becoming increasingly popular day by day, for the simple reason of wanting to run your Android apps on your PC. Gaming is made simpler using a mouse and keyboard, developers may wish to test new apps on the PC or one may simply want to use an application on a bigger screen with better specifications.

Best Android Emulators

Whatever the reason may be, these emulators are in demand both by regular people for day to day use or even high tech freaks for some experimentation. Here is a list of the top 13 Android emulators which we would recommend for you.

1. Bluestacks

Without any doubt, the best Android emulator of all times, Bluestacks is a perfect solution to play all kinds of games on the big screen or even watch videos via Twitch.

The newest version also allows you to launch multiple games together and has a feature for key-mapping. The premium version of Bluestacks is free of ads and has improved speed.

Download Bluestacks

2. Android Studio Emulator

The best Google-approved development IDE for Android, this emulator is an indispensable tool for developers to test out all their apps and games on a PC.

It comes with a large variety of plugins and tools like code editor and code templates. It has all regular updates and helps developers make Android centric games and applications.

Download Android Studio Emulator

3. Nox App Player

Another great Android emulator for gamers, Nox App Player lets users not only run their Android games on the PC but also offers a wide variety of customization options.

Users can easily map the keyboard, mouse, gamepad and even they can assign gestures to any keys. It is free of cost and one can even assign a specific CPU and RAM usage as well as easily root their device.

Download Nox App Player

4. ARChon

ARChon is essentially an Android emulator to run productivity apps on your PC and MAC and not for playing games. It has to be installed on Google Chrome and can be easily done so, free of charge.

Users need to obtain and load the APKs after installation and can then run unlimited APKs created on Chrome OS.

Download ARChon

5. MeMu

MeMu is a comparatively recent and upcoming emulator which is advantageous as it supports both AMD and Intel chipsets. Apart from this, it offers support for Android versions like Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop.

It works as fast as any other emulator and lets you run multiple instances together. It can be used for running any app or game but due to slightly poor graphics is better for productivity.

Download MeMu

6. Bliss

An option for all tech savvy people and technology freaks, Bliss lets you completely run your Android natively via your computer, if the set-up is complete and compatible.

It can be installed via USB or VM, where the latter is a fairly simple process. It has a large number of rare and new configuration options and themes and runs even on Android Oreo.

Download Bliss

7. KO Player

It is an Android emulator which will ensure the best gaming experience to a user without any lags and with a lot of configuration options. Apart from the standard feature of key-mapping and gamepad emulation, it even lets you adjust resolutions while watching videos.

The installation is easy and free of cost and users can even record gameplay and share it on other platforms.

Download KO Player

8. Remix OS

An Android emulator by JIDE Technology, Remix OS runs on Android Marshmallow and is hence well updated. It is simple to install, user-friendly and also super effective.

It has many customization options and even lets gamers play multiple games at the same time. It offers an entire Android OS experience and is also useful for productivity apps apart from gaming.

Download Remix OS

9. Genymotion

Genymotion is mainly an Android emulator which targets app testing by developers. It runs on a VirtualBox engine and lets developers test apps for different devices and different Android versions.

One can easily switch between the virtual devices and test the apps without having to own the devices. It works best on a powerful PC and lets users work both on PC or on the cloud.

Download Genymotion

10. Droid4X

This emulator is one of the classic options with a simple design and is fairly easy to use. It is essentially used for gaming purposes and offers support for smaller and simpler games.

It can even help you run productivity apps and is compatible with both Windows as well as MAC.

Download Droid4X

11. Xamarin

Another emulator like Android Studio, Xamarin is an IDE which even has plugins for Microsoft Visual Studio. Available for both Windows and MAC is easy to install and has a simple and supportive interface.

For the ease of developers, it even comes with a built-in emulator and needs 2GB of RAM and hard drive space to work well. It is one of the best to debug, test, stimulate and run Android apps on the big screen.

Download Xamarin

12. Leapdroid

Another Android emulator which has a smooth functioning and simplistic interface, Leapdroid will surely catch the attention of all gamers. It offers many configuration options and even lets you alter screen resolution for a better experience.

You can easily perform drag and drop installation of APKs in this free of cost emulator. It has an efficient functionality and useful, sharp features.

Download Leapdroid

13. Andy

Andy is the perfect Android emulator for anyone who wants to skip the hassle of a complicated installation process. It has a simple set up process and is easy to use by simply swiping or scrolling using the mouse.

It is compatible with both MAC and Windows and even lets you use your mobile as a joystick for playing games. Compatible with all sorts of games, it offers unlimited storage and app workings.

Download Andy

Final Words…

These were our choices of the best 13 Android emulators which are sure to enhance your gaming experience as well as that of using apps on the big screen. These are immensely useful in running your Android natively and performing all tasks from a single screen. Keep in mind that there may be some lags or bugs in these emulators and hence read up before you install them. Apart from that, we hope you take our recommendations into consideration and enjoy using them.

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